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Growing flowers in the desert

Anniversary… 19 March, 2007

Filed under: The Iraq War — Brighid Fraser @ 1:48 pm

In case you just woke up from a coma, or you’ve been living in a cave with no calendar or outside contact, or you’re an alien from another world, you know that the United States is at war with … um…  Well, ostensibly, we’re at war with Saddam Hussein’s forces in Iraq.  But Hussein was executed a little over 2 months ago.  So…  One would assume that the US’s objectives have been met and the troops can come home, right?  That assumption would be so very incorrect.  You see, in the Bush Administration’s infinite wisdom, the US entered the war with no real clear cut objectives.  Without objectives, there’s no way for the “leaders” to know when it’s time to get out.  Well, no way other than to listen to experts and the voice of the people.  But the Bushies aren’t known for their listening skills, so the US is stuck in a long, drawn-out pointless war.  At least 3,200 US soldiers have been killed,  64,000 Iraqi civilians have died, and another 23,000 US soldiers have been wounded.  For what?  Well, no one’s really sure, are they?  It’s time for this to end.  Today marks the four-year anniversary of this pointless war.  Four years, and nearly 100,000 people have been wounded or have lost their lives for nothing.